All About Summer Flower – Daylilies

All About Summer Flower - Daylilies

Many gardeners have been planting and are already familiar with the traditional orange daylily for years. It’s frequently found growing by the side of the road, so many people probably mistake it for a wildflower.

This plant first attracted the interest of amateur and professional plant breeders in the early 20th century. They went on to produce an entire tribe of beautiful plants which make the daylily season the highlight of the summer.

Many of those kinds make great garden plants, even though the majority are merely interesting to collectors. Daylilies should be in your yard if you’re looking for a show-stopping summer of blooms.

Here are some of the reasons why:

They come in beautiful hues

Today, blue is the only hue that a daylily doesn’t have. Most of the flowers are yellow, ranging from nearly pure white to all shades of yellow. You will also find them in orange, red, and purple colors.
These stunning summer hues sparkle like the sun; let the sky fill in those blues. Moreover, there are others with contrasting colors and bi-colors.

The flowers bloom in warm, arid climates

Daylilies are so in love with the sun that they may be dubbed sunlilies. Following a little additional watering during their first summer, they can withstand a lot of dryness and flourish in the heat.
They make excellent plants for challenging urban gardens, dry sandy soils, rocky and gravel soils, and other difficult spots to fill. Plants only dislike wet ground, so avoid placing them in low-lying or swampy areas of your garden.

They are pretty

When you plant trees, you must wait years before seeing the results. Daylilies reach maximum size in just a few seasons.

Also, if you select reblooming kinds, the display will last several weeks or months. The best daylilies last all year long, unlike many plants and trees that only look attractive for a few weeks of the year.
Compared to purchasing shrubs, this makes purchasing perennials a genuine bargain.

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