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Eupatorium cannabinum

Eupatorium cannabinum - Hemp agrimony
Eupatorium cannabinum


Eupatorium cannabinum

Common name: Hemp Agrimony

This is one of the most widely adaptable plants on our list. In nature, Hemp agrimony grows in moist woods, on wet or dry meadows, in ditches or even on hot dry slopes in full sun.

It is a great choice for the border as it can hold its own against strong-growing perennials, yet never taking over the entire area.

Most striking are the many dusky-pink flowers that serve as a magnet for bees and other beneficial insects.

Ideal conditions: widely adaptable to most soils and exposures to light. Extra water during dry periods will ensure the best features of this plant.

Height: 90-130 cm (36-52")

Flowers: dusky pink to reddish; in umbels 3-4" across; July through September; bees love them

Ideas and companions:

Coldest zone: 4 (find your zone; further info on plant hardiness)

Season of interest: midsummer into winter

Native to: southern Europe to Siberia

Notes: produces clouds of tiny seeds