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Coreopsis tripteris

Coreopsis tripteris

Coreopsis tripteris - Tickseed

This plant can grow very tall in good garden conditions, so be prepared to stake it if you apply fertilizer to your garden. But this plant will also do well in poorer soils, where it can bring colour to the less cared-for part of your garden.

A good candidate for naturalizing, so if you don't want seedlings, dead-head during the growing season or scratch out the seedlings in the spring. It is a great plant for the back of the border and makes a good cut flower.

Our picture was taken in mid September, so it is past it peak blooming period. By the way, Jim is 6'4" tall.

Ideal conditions: full sun; dry to medium well drained soil; happy in poor dry soil, though plants will be sparser; heat and drought tolerant

Ideas and companions:

Height: 60-200+ cm (24" - 7'+), depends on amount of moist and soil fertility; will likely flop in too rich or moist a soil

Flowers: yellow, daisy-like; July to September

Coldest zone: 3 (find your zone; further info on plant hardiness)

Season of interest: from midsummer to frost

Native to: eastern half of North America

[image plus a map showing its distribution in North America]