Ornamental Grasses for Your Garden

Not long ago, the grass only had one location – on the lawn, which was kept green and manicured every week. We had to be introduced to the beauty of tall, golden grass adorned with eye-catching plumes, blooms, and seeds by some daring garden designers and producers.

The popularity of grasses expanded at the same time that most people’s gardening time decreased; thus, time-consuming perennials and roses were replaced by plants that mostly took care of themselves, such as flowering shrubs and ornamental types of grass.

After the effortless spring profusion, grasses begin to flourish. They become magnificent by late summer and throughout the fall, and many continue to look excellent far into the winter.

If you choose correctly, they are well-behaved portions of your garden that ask for little but give a lot. Moreso, they rarely have pests or diseases.

The Best Places to Plant Ornamental Grass in Your Garden

Since most grasses enjoy light, any sunny garden area is appropriate. Sedges, grass relatives that thrive in wet shade, are common in shady places.

Here are some suggestions for how to utilize attractive grasses in your yard to their full potential:

Place them between flowering plants to contrast in form and make your beds look much more fascinating over several seasons.

To unify various plants, plant shorter ones as a border to connect your beds. Instead of waiting years for shrubs to mature, use larger ones to fill awkward corners of your landscape, providing height in a few seasons.

Make a fence out of some grass. You will be in awe of how beautiful it seems as the seasons change and the breezes rustle the leaves.

Other Tips for Planting Ornamental Grass

Some grasses develop mostly in the spring and early summer because they are cool-season plants. They are excellent options for early display and cooler regions of the country.

Around the middle of the summer, they frequently appear weary, and they might require trimming back.

Some grasses, known as warm-season grasses, may appear dead throughout the early spring before bursting into growth once the heat hits.

Choose warm-season grasses with particularly ornamental foliage if you live in a chilly area because some will only flower at the end of the summer or even never, depending on where you are.

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