Molinia caerulea 'Poul Petersen' - Moor Grass

A great selection of Molinia, which came to us by way of our good friends at Free Spirit Nursery. 'Poul Petersen' is very attractive when massed, especially if combined with smaller Carex, such as 'Beatlemania' or Carex aurea.

M. 'Poul Petersen' would also look very nice as a backdrop sprinkled with Allium senescens to add colour and interest.

Molinia caerulea is slow to establish.

Description: cool season; clump forming
Foliage is green; blade width is medium; 30 cm (12") in height
Flowers from mid-summer to frost; 60 cm (24") tall; well above the foliage

Ideal conditions: shade to part shade and well-drained soil; full sun in cool climates; shade and ample water in hot dry locations; its preference is moist, fertile soil and it will do well in acid soil

Coldest zone: 4 (find your zone; further info on plant hardiness)

Partner with: Carex 'Beatlemania', Carex aurea, Allium senescens ssp montanum

Season of interest: mid-summer to winter

Suggested uses: specimen, groups, massed, in a deep large container

Drought tolerance rating: 3 (water to root depth once a week) further info

Native to: moist places - UK, Europe, Asia

Recommended spacing between plants: 30-70 cm (12-28") why such a difference?

Pronunciation: Molinia (moh-LIN-ee-ah) caerulea (ser-OO-lee-ah)


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Molinia caerulea 'Poul Petersen'
Moor grass