The Ultimate Strimmer Buying Guide for Garden Enthusiasts

A string trimmer is essential for maintaining a neat-looking lawn with clear lines. It can be flipped sideways for removing a notch down sidewalks, decks, and driveways with a deft hand.

A strimmer can also be used to eliminate overgrowth in a newly planted yard and trim greenery on steep slopes. Overall, a string trimmer may put the finishing touches on a lawn by cleaning up areas that lawnmowers cannot reach.

Do you need help choosing a new strimmer? We’ve looked through the most popular models on the market and found those that are suitable for a variety of lawns.

1. Powerbase 550W Trimmer


It’s a two-line trimmer that offers a great cut and gets the job done swiftly and efficiently. It does an excellent job of trimming and edging a lawn thanks to its broad 30-cm cutting width. However, gardeners should be aware that this strimmer weighs 3.1 kg and does not come with a harness to help with weight distribution, making it not the lightest option to work with.

2. Stihl FS 91 R

It has more effective vibration dampening than many other models for all of its power. It starts simply by turning the rotary-dial choke and pulling the recoil start lever. All you have to do now is keep moving, rapidly and swiftly slicing anything that gets in your way.

3. Black+Decker Besta510

When it comes to choosing the best string trimmer for performance at a low cost, this one is your best bet. It may also be used as an edger, and customers appreciated its mobility and lightweight construction.



It was difficult to figure out a flaw in this tool. The electric motor is quite powerful and has a long operating time. According to certain users, this one almost lasts long enough to take over their entire 12,000-square-foot property.

5. Stiga GT 500e

To begin, this trimmer features a 30-cm cutting width. The head rotates easily to function as an edge trimmer, and the long-lasting double-line feed keeps operating so you don’t have to worry about knocking the line out. However, it does not include a support strap.

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