The Best Garden Shredders You Can Buy Now!

A garden shredder shreds garden materials, allowing you to save money on compost and mulch in the months to come. More importantly, a great lawn shredder will save you the hassle of disposing of all those bulky branches you’ve just chopped off your grown-up trees.

We examined and tested a number of models, weighing their simplicity of use, safety features, and value in general. If a garden shredder seems like a good investment for your yard and garden, keep reading to find out why the models listed below are among the best on the market.

1. Great CircleUSA Wood Chipper

This multi-purpose machine will accept up to 3-inch diameter branches, limbs, and chips. Aside from a 7-horsepower (HP) engine, this machine features accessories for adding a leaf blower or towing it over larger yards with a lawnmower. It also has a 15:1 reduction rate, implying you may turn fifteen containers of lawn debris into a single container of mulch.

2. SuperHandy Wood Chipper

This gas-powered landscaping equipment is capable of cutting branches up to 3 inches in size, making it a good choice for large yards. For collecting the shredded materials for use as mulch or compost, a leaf sack can be added to the output chute.

3. Cobra QS2500

This drum shredder excels in a variety of ways, but most notably in terms of pricing. It operates quietly, and the drum simply rotates endlessly, dumping the remains of plants and trees into its large 50-liter collection bucket.

4. Sun Joe CJ601E

It is an excellent addition to the backyard shed for urban gardeners who want to make mulch. Because of its tiny size and ease of use, it can convert 16 bags of landscaping debris into just one bag of mulch. And, after an easy assembly and connection to a power outlet, the wood chipper is set to go.

5. Landworks Mini

The Landworks may be little in size, but not in power. The machine has a 7-hp gas engine and a reduction ratio of 15:1. It also has a branch chute on the side and a top feeder for foliage and small twigs.

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