Ornamental Grasses

2 MinutesGrowing Ornamental Trees
Ornamental Grasses

Tips for Growing Ornamental Trees

Every <a href="https://bluestem.ca/willows/your-ultimate-guide-to-growing-weeping-willow-tree/" target="_blank" rel="noopener">garden needs at least one tree</a> because they offer height and structure. Plus, they provide...
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Ornamental Grasses for Your Garden
Tips for Growing Ornamental Grasses
Top Picks for Ornamental Grasses


7 MinutesMan mowing

When is it Too Hot To Mow the Lawn?

For many homeowners and gardening enthusiasts, maintaining an impeccable and healthy lawn is a point of pride. As summer heat intensifies, the question of the century arises: “When is it too hot to mow the lawn?”
While hot weather may seem like an ideal time to get outdoor chores done, it’s essential to understand the implications of mowing under the sweltering sun. In fact, extreme heat affects the well-being …

9 MinutesChristmas Lights Outdoor Ideas

10 Christmas Lights Outdoor Ideas

From simple lighting up of driveways to creative ideas such as twinkle lights in trees or lighted snowflakes, plenty of Christmas light ideas make your house stand out during the festive season.
Here are ten incredible outdoor Christmas light ideas that will help you create a festive atmosphere in the front yard and bring joy to all who pass by!
10 Outdoor Christmas Lights Ideas
1. Starburst Lights Around Bushes or Fences
Create a stunning starburst effect by stringing lights around your bushes or fence. This simple outdoor lighting setup is easy to achieve and looks incredibly festive! Plus, you don’t …

Filling Dry Gardens with Hummingbird Mints
Filling Dry Gardens with Hummingbird Mints
Shade Garden with Hosta
Improving Your Shade Garden with Hosta