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Scrophularia macrantha

Scrophularia macrantha
Scrophularia macrantha

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Scrophularia macrantha is native

Scrophularia macrantha

Common name: Mimbres Figwort, Redbirds in a Tree

Sometimes mistaken for a Penstemon, Figwort is a good addition to the garden, especially for honey bees and hummingbirds. In fact it is pollinated by hummingbirds.

It is true that Scrophularia is not an over-the-top beautiful plant, but it is a step up from the red plastic container filled with sugar-water.

The large coarse serrated leaves give the appearance of a shrub and S. macrantha has an long blooming period.

Ideal conditions: full sun with lots of water

Height: 75 cm (30") tall

Flowers: red tube-like; 110-135cm (40-50") in height; blooms July-Oct

Foliage: large (4") dark green leaves


Coldest zone: 4-9 (find your zone; further info on plant hardiness)