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Kalimeris incisa

Kalimeris incisa - False Aster
Kalimeris incisa

Kalimeris incisa

Common name: False aster

This is a hardy aster-like plant, native to Japan, Korea and into Siberia. It growth habit is somewhat more open and refined compared to the bush North American asters. Kalimeris will stand up well in a border, but in a meadow it can be choked out by more aggressive plants.

Kalimeris can also be used in the woodland garden where its delicate pale lilac flowers occasionally catch the rays of the sun and light up the otherwise subdued landscape.

Ideal conditions: open sunny areas, woodland edge, borders. All soil types, but must be well-drained. Drought tolerant but prefers moist soil. Needs ample water to look its best.

Ideas and companions:

  • looks great mass-planted
  • plant in border
  • good cut flower
  • good container plant

Flowers: 1" in diameter; white; 45-60 cm (18-24") in height; August to October

Coldest zone: 4-8 (find your zone; further info on plant hardiness)

Pronounciation: Kalimeris (kal-ee-MARE-us) incisa (in-SIZE-ah)