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Antennaria plantaginifolia

Antennaria plantaginifolia

from the USDA website: states where
Antennaria plantaginifolia is native

Antennaria plantaginifolia - Women's Tobacco, Pussytoes

Given the choice between landscaping fabric and a living groundcover, I always pick the groundcover. This North American native is a good example of an undervalued perennial. Antennaria grows best in dry shade, but will need some extra water if grown in full sun, especially in a hot dry climate.

In nature you will find this North American native growing in colonies along the woodland edge and in open woods. The foliage is mat-forming, with grey-green leaves, while the white flowers are 8-10" tall.

It does form larger colonies and will spread into perennials and grasses, but is not considered to be invasive.

Description: mat-forming

Ideal conditions: woodland edge or dry open woods; in hot and dry conditions, provide some extra water

Height: 15-20 cm (6-8")

Foliage: grey-green

Flowers: 40-50 cm (16-20"'); white, open clusters, profuse blooms; May- to June

Companions: Monarda bradburiana, Seslerias, Poa glauca 'Blue Hills'

Zone: 3-8 (find your zone; further info on plant hardiness)

Season of interest: while blooming; foliage remains attractive for the rest of the season, however in hot dry climates the leaves are less attractive, therefore shade is recommended

When to divide: spring