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Retail Newsletter from Bluestem Nursery Dec 2013

Six foot 4 inch Jim checks the busy insects on Patrinia
Enviro-Turf lawn in San Diego
Not just a pretty flower....

It wasn't so long ago that gardeners would choose perennials simply because they liked the flower. If it had a sweet scent, so much the better! However times have changed and now gardeners have much more savvy when it comes to choosing plants.

Here at Bluestem Nursery, I have a short list of attributes that our perennials must have in order for us to carry them.

First, I go for longevity. We want plants that will last many years without extra help.

Second, they must require little to no fertilizer. We never fertilize our perennials, but we do provide water once a week in our hot dry climate.

Third, I look for a long season of interest. Not just for blooming, but also for fall colour and even structure in the snowy winters.

Besides hardiness, I look for plants that are easy to grow and are undemanding of our time and energy. I want to simply enjoy the plants and not have to prop them up or fiddle with them in any way.

Our current list of these low maintenance plants :

Our Sedums have the above attributes, plus they are particularly well-suited for use as green roof plants.

By selecting our perennials you can expect these attributes to extend to the home landscape.

Jim Brockmeyer

Our Enviro-Turf Lawn Seed in San Diego, California

For those of you who were interested in the Enviro-Turf lawn that George Baboi has planted in San Diego, and the dramatic reduction in his water bill, here is the latest from George (March of this year):

"Well, over a year has passed since I used your Enviro-Turf lawn here in San Diego. As you may recall, first 4 months Nov., Dec., Jan., and Feb 2012 were outstanding as far as water reduction in using your product. Following that time, I still paid close attention to the water usage in the summer months and then in the fall.

Here is some good news, during hot summer months, I still used anywhere between 30% to 42% less water than the previous grass. Probably could have gone even more in water reduction since we had such hot summer, but I was nervous with not knowing the grass and did not want to stress it too much. Actually, I know for sure I could have used less water especially during the 3 months of June, July and August when we had a very hot and humid weather. Reason I say that is because I used too much water and start to develop some fungus inside the grass which was not very good. After I found out my reason for fungus, and done the appropriate correction, my grass start looking very well again. The only issue I had, in those areas where I had fungus, I lost some grass, but in the winter I have receded with some left-over product from you from the year before."

Read more of George's update here on our blog....

We are so happy for George and all the others who are saving money and being kind to the environment at the same time. This info and 5 previous reports from George, are on our Bluestem Nursery blog.

See more info regarding our Enviro-Turf: www.better-lawn.com

Wishing you all a wonderful Holiday Season and great gardening successes in 2015!

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