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Ornamental grasses at Bluestem Nursery

About Us

Summer splendor at Bluestem

Bluestem Nursery is a very small specialized nursery, located in Christina Lake in the southern Interior of British Columbia, Canada. We are right on the border with Washington State, directly north of Spokane, WA.

There are many similar dry interior valleys in our Province. To convey a sense of place, picture wide grass valleys with surrounding mountains. These areas favour grazing more than farming and are home to many of our native grasses.

Bluestem Nursery started testing ornamental grasses for hardiness in the spring of 1989. By 1994 the first brochure was sent out, boasting of 18 outstanding grasses. The list has since grown considerably.

Early on we also became interested in willows and are happy to offer such a variety.

Grasses and willows are such easy plants to grow that it is always a pleasure to be around them. But more enjoyable than working with these beautiful plants is meeting the many people that have a similar interest in using them.

The great German nurseryman Karl Foerster passed away nearly 20 years before Bluestem started. His statement, "Grass is the hair of the earth", carries more meaning for today's landscapes than ever before. I am sure he would have been pleased to see the many new hair-do's.

Autumn glory